The flexibility of the vinyl as a decoration material led to a special line of products.
From Floor covering to table dressing, these products can be easily moved between surfaces and can also be customized to specific measurements for every design. With unique designs, these products will add a touch of color to your kitchen, hallway, bathroom, living room or any other place, indoor or outdoor.
All the products are printed on high quality materials to withstand daily use and can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe.

Floor Mats | Runners | Placemats | Coasters

Most designs have the complete set of products that gives you a matching decoration solution.

The placemat and floor mats also come in a round shape.
All the products are heat resistant and can be used as a

Mat Sizes: 60/80 cm, 60/100 cm, 50/120 cm, 70/120 cm 60/120 cm, round -120 cm diameter.

Runner Size: 30/120 cm

Placemat Size: 30/40 cm, round 35 cm diameter.

Coaster Size: 10/10 cm.

Runner & Mat – Pixel

Round Place mat- Star

Placemat- Grey Tiles

Placemat- Pixel

Mat -Light Blue Star

Runner & Round Mat -Light Blue Star

Vinyl Stickers:

Great for any DIY project. The stickers are extremely easy to use and will quickly give you an upgraded look for any surface you want.

For Wall tiles:

The stickers fit kitchen and bathroom ceramic tiles for an upgraded look at a minimal cost. In addition, they could also be placed on glass, wood and walls. The stickers can be simply removed without harming the surface.

Each pack have 4 stickers. Size 10/10cm.

For floor tiles:

3M vinyl stickers with anti-slip. These stickers are printed in high quality and are durable, one can even wash the floor with water and cleaning fluids without harming the stickers.

Each pack have 4 stickers. Size 20/20 cm.

 Ceramics Stickers – Tiles

Floor Stickers – Grey Tiles

Vinyl mouse pad:

One of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to your office is with small details. The design vinyl mouse pads will give your working space exactly that.

Size 19/24 cm.

Classic Roses