Paper is one of the most basic materials, as such I present a variety of paper products with unique designs, inspired by minimalist elements, illustrated fairy tales, vintage decorations, oriental shapes and inspiring words.

CardStock sets:

Unique sets of papers that can be used for creating scrap books and any craft idea you can imagine. With a wide range of styles printed in high quality on one side or on both sides. Printed on wood-free paper.

Size 30/30 cm.

Card Stock -Antiqe Map

Card Stock -Water color


The easiest and simplest decoration for your room. Bring on new vibes & feels. All prints are unframed. Printed on high quality 300 g. Chrome paper.

Sizes: 30/21 cm, 40/30 cm. Fits to the most common photo frames.

Fix It Poster

Swan Poster


Lined, illustrated inspiration notebook.
Size A5. 80 pages 120 g. Heat laminate cover.

Books & Dairy:

Recipe cook books and a special edition pregnancy diary; with marker stickers to create a unique memento. Size A5.

Hipster Notebook

Pregnancy Dairy

Memo Mouse Pad:

Sometimes new ideas pop to mind that can improve your experience. This mouse pad is exactly one of those, with 100 pages for notes, right next to you in your working space.

Greeting Cards:

A greeting card with a gift pocket and a matching envelope.

Memo Mouse Pad

Greeting Card